Best Shoes for Dancing?

Dance Shoes from Rotate-UK

Here’s one of the many reasons why we recommend Rotate UK for your dance shoes.

“At Rotate UK we want you to be more than happy with your dance shoes. However there will always be occasions when things don’t turn out as you expect. When you receive your shoes should you not be happy with them for any reason whatsoever please return them to us.”

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Dance Shoes from Rotate-UK


Whether you are new to dancing or you’ve been dancing all your life one purchase will always be essential. The right dance shoes. These are so very important for all dancers male female or children (of course us women have the edge here – we get a great excuse for a pair to match every outfit!).

And you do need the right dance shoes. Great dance shoes fit well are comfortable stable and secure on your feet with strong straps that don’t stretch. Shoes that you can wear all evening with slip resistant  linings specially chosen for their ability to handle sweaty feet (sorry ladies – I mean the men of course). Shoes that don’t pinch. Shoes with heels that don’t come loose or fall off.

If you’re wearing the wrong shoes your dancing will suffer. You might end up with blisters or heel problems your balance will be off. You might slip or trip on the ballroom dance shoes you’re wearing. This can be a hassle or even detrimental to your dancing if you’re heading for competition dancing. But you can avoid these problems by using dance shoes that were designed and created by professionals.

Ballroom dancing requires highly specialized shoes in order to give dancers the appropriate level of traction versus slide. Also important is the balance of the shoe which can help dancers maintain their center of gravity more precisely.

When purchasing dance shoes you want to make sure you purchase the correct size. Don’t rely on your same shoe size you bought last time. Sometimes your feet will change and you need to make sure you get a correct fitting. You want to have the associate helping you at the store measure your shoe size every time you purchase new shoes.

Companies that have a long history of experience in dance shoes understand what it takes to make a shoe comfortable and light on your feet.

Choosing a quality supplier like Rotate UK will prevent you from having to buy many more dance shoes in the future. If you buy quality the first time you may pay a little more but you will save in the end not having to buy dance shoes repeatedly over the years.


What Is A Good Latin Dance Shoe?

By Rick Allen DC

“Better health leads to better dancing.”

hammer toes / bunion from badly fitting dance shoes     problems with badly fitting dance shoes

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